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Electrify Faster, Simpler, and Cheaper with Modular Powertrains for e-Mobility OEMs

Empowering e-Mobility OEMs with Advanced Modular Powertrains

Discover how Scalvy is pioneering in electric mobility innovation. Our cutting-edge modular powertrains, designed specifically for e-mobility OEMs, offer an easy-to-integrate electric powertrain solution that is cost-effective and customizable. These systems are ideal for both electric and hybrid powertrain systems, simplifying operations and accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.

Why Scalvy is the Preferred Choice for e-Mobility OEMs

With Scalvy, revolutionize your development process through our electric powertrain engineering capabilities. Our modular electric powertrains not only reduce the average development time from 30 months to just 6 months, but they also offer significant cost savings, up to 80% less than other electric powertrain systems. Comprising only 200 components compared to the typical 1000, we simplify your supply chain, making your move to sustainable vehicle powertrain solutions smoother and more cost-effective.

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Bar chart showing the price comparison of Scalvy powertrains against others.
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Experience an 8-15% range extension compared to other market options, enhancing the efficiency and appeal of your electric powertrains.

Have Questions? Scalvy Has Answers

Explore our FAQ section to find answers to common questions about our electric powertrain technology, certification processes, cost comparisons, and how we can help you launch your powertrain for electric vehicles.

Our SIMs are currently ISO-26262 pending, as we prepare to have them certified by the first Quarter in 2025

Scalvy uses low voltage semiconductor devices, while integrating the powertrain technologies into the same module, leading to significantly lower pricing compared to current commercial solutions. 

Scalvy’s SIMs replace an EV inverter, DC-DC converter, On-board charger, and BMS. While using the SIM technology, the EV will also rid of the high voltage DC bus, the bulky magnetic filters, and all the orange-coded cables 🙂

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We are able to work with partners all over the globe.
We do not have a minimum volume, since the modularity of our technology allows us to work with any volume.