Scattered Centralized Powertrain Systems to Distributed Modular Powertrain Modules

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

During my Tenure as a Professor and Research Center Director at SJSU in Silicon Valley, numerous companies and suppliers approached the center asking for an easy-to-integrate solution for low- to mid-volume electric vehicles.
At the time, I had access to the leading players in the industry due to the nature of my work.  I looked for the available commercial solutions and concluded that a modular, affordable solution DOES NOT EXIST. Someone needs to build it.

How Scalvy Started

Making the Jump

It is often frightening to leave an academic position with great benefits and high prestige and jump into the muddy waters of starting a company in a competitive space.
However, building modular powertrains and enabling OEMs of all sizes and volumes full access to electrification technologies was hard to resist.
In 2022, I decided to start Scalvy, and I was lucky to know Amr Ibrahem, my Co-founder, years prior in my Grad school. He was precisely the co-founder I needed for Scalvy with his industrial breadth of experience in the powertrain industry and his obsession with solving the most challenging technical problems. 

If you can build it, I will buy it.

Even before starting Scalvy, I conducted hundreds of market surveys and interviews with automotive, aviation, off-road, and commercial OEMs to understand the need and appetite for the technology. These conversations informed the current system and designs of our modular e-powertrains. We prioritized price competitiveness, scalability, reliability, and simplification over all else. This is how our customers shaped our technology. 

Transforming The Powertrain Industry

High-volume OEMs will join the wave.

Although we highly focus on the low- and mid-volume market, we know how the more prominent OEMs long for modular, fast-to-develop, and easy-to-integrate powertrain solutions. Especially now, with the pushback in the electrification market, it is not the time for the flashiest solutions. Instead, OEMs left and right are looking for the most affordable, fastest solutions they can put on the road.
Behind the scenes, we are working with several large OEMs and Tier-1s. 
Our team sells to the lower volume markets while developing the technology for the large players. 

We care about commercial, off-road, and other niche markets

It is well known that electrifying a UTV, or a mining off-road vehicle, is much more complicated than electrifying a passenger vehicle. This is precisely why all these sectors are far lagging in their electrification efforts. 
At Scalvy, we care about these markets and customize our SIMs for their particular needs since they contribute heavily to GHG emissions and deserve accessibility to the most efficient and reliable electrification solutions. 

Who are your competitors?  

We often get asked, “Who are your direct competitors?”

The funny thing about our answer is that as we name the competitors, those are the same companies we are partnering with to develop the technology.
We believe that the electrification space requires high collaboration between different components and tech suppliers to reach its full scale.

The electrification wave is NOT waning. 

There is a general sense in the market that OEMs should pull back on their EV investments. However, the data shows that the market is ready and hungry for more AFFORDABLE EVs. The OEMs need to adjust their strategies rather than repeat decades-old mistakes. Instead of pulling back investments in EVs, they should focus on reducing EV prices, increasing their affordability, and using an EV value chain that never existed for Tesla in the 2010s when they engineered their first mainstream models. 

Scalvy is placed in the middle of the value chain at the intersection of simplifying the supply chain, increasing vehicles’ affordability, and reducing its complexity. 

Scalvy exists to move the electrification industry forward 

Simply put, the only reason for Scalvy’s existence is to push the electrification wave forward, not just for the large players but for every company looking for affordable, easy-to-use, and simple solutions to build their electric mobility solutions. 

We won’t be waiting for the largest OEMs to embrace the electrification wave or for the government to put together stricter regulations on using ICE vehicles. Scaly works with its partners, suppliers, and customers to produce electric mobility solutions in the most affordable, simple, and reliable ways. 

Mohamed Badawy
Scalvy’s CEO

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