What is an Electric Powertrain? Unraveling the Core of EV Technology

Are you curious about what is an electric powertrain and how it impacts the future of transportation?

You wonder, what is an electric powertrain? An electric powertrain, central to the propulsion of electric vehicles (EVs), signifies a shift from traditional internal combustion engines, offering a simpler, more efficient alternative. This critical component of EV technology, responsible for converting chemical energy into mechanical energy, paves the way for cleaner, more sustainable transportation options. […]

Demystifying Electric Vehicles: What is on board charger?

Discover the fundamentals of electric vehicle technology, including what is on board charger, unraveling the mysteries behind powering the future of transportation.

An onboard charger (OBC) is a crucial component in electric vehicles (EVs), tasked with converting AC power from the grid to the DC power that charges the vehicle’s battery pack. Understanding what is an onboard charger and its function in an electric vehicle can provide insights into how EVs harness external power sources effectively. Exploring […]

Scattered Centralized Powertrain Systems to Distributed Modular Powertrain Modules

Futuristic vehicles on a city bridge with a backdrop of skyscrapers

During my Tenure as a Professor and Research Center Director at SJSU in Silicon Valley, numerous companies and suppliers approached the center asking for an easy-to-integrate solution for low- to mid-volume electric vehicles. At the time, I had access to the leading players in the industry due to the nature of my work.  I looked […]